About Vanstron Automation

Vanstron Automation was founded as a professional manufacturer of SMT equipment for the electronics industry by being partner with the quality engineering team with more than 10 years experience in the SMT industries. Today we also supply automation solutions for a wide range of industries.

Vanstron board handling portfolio covers 100% of material handling needs in fast-paced mass manufacturing. Take as an example segmented conveyors with integrated inspection, transfer conveyors, turn units with the L, T, X function, shuttle gates, lift units, bare board unstackers, magazine buffers, FIFO buffers, line loaders and unloaders.

Vanstron board handling products are known for high quality;  Our solutions are fully modular, enabling easy configurations to versatile line configurations. We have the capability to offer optimized solutions based on our world-class production process knowhow for maximum capacity, quality and flexibility. Just to make sure that the solution is a perfect match for your needs.

We are based in SHENZHEN, where we have our own test center and factory. It allows us to offer non-binding preliminary projects before any automation project. Our core business includes such as SMT Soldering machines,Reflow ovens and PCB Boards handling machines.

 We have a vision to be the electronics industry’s preferred automation partner.  While being a strong automation partner for other industries as well.