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Alternative solution for 1200mm length LED tubes Loader/ unloader

Which is the best way to allow the 1200mm length LED tubes easily to be loaded into and unloaded from the LED( SMT) process line?  The difficulties to such kind of longer length (1200mm) LED tubes are not easy to find a suitable magazine for it. As we know in the SMT boards handling machines market, the magazine standard is fixed and also the maximum. common magazine  size is  535x530x570mm (L*W*H) for the available maximum. PCB size 535x460mm ( L*W). It comes out that there is no standard magazine for the LED tubes ( 1200mm) lengths. 

However customers really need a solution for loading /unloading for the LED tubes with 1200mm length, what is the solution? Vanstron Automation, as professional technical provider in the market, have the ideas as following:

1. Use the automatic high quality LED tubes special vacuum loader rather than the traditional common magazine loader/ unloader. The vacuum loader's advantage are as the following such as easy operation, high loading efficiency,non-damage to LED surface, adapt to any size of LED tubes, no additional magazine investment cost, small factory space occupied .

2. Use the customized LED tubes magazine (rack) and automatic precise motorized pusher to collect the LED tubes in the machine.  At the exit of the unloader can be equipped with the cooling fan which makes the LED tubes easily cooling down to the temperature that allows the operator can handle the LED tubes by manual. In Vanstron design, the customized magazine is adjustable for the different kinds of width of LED tubes, extremely save the customers' investment cost of the magazine.