SMT Equipment

single magazine loader & destacker combined system

When you are thinking about to place a new SMT line, you must have the considerations about the line space, of course, the short length of space, the better for the factory investment to be reduced. Vanstron automation have a lot experience in D&R new customized solution for the boards handling machine in the SMT line.

A new kind of system, single magazine loader and destacker combined system has been created for the end user who have the requirements of reducing the SMT line length. This system is designed to have one (single) magazine capability but with 50 slots stock capability to load the PCB boards no matter if it is PCBA or bare boards. in order to improve the line efficiency, the bare boards loader,destacker is making in combined with the single magazine loader, which is available to handle the total 240 PCS of bare boards. When you are using this system, there is no worry about the PCB components heights at the top and bottom of PCB , we designed with the capability to handle the PCB top component heights 80mm and down component heights 30mm, which are totally no problem for most of PCB configurations.

the system is only with the total length: 1773mm and 870mm width, very small factory space occupation. Max。PCB size available: PCBA : 460*330mm (L*W), min: 50mm*50mm(L*W), PCB bare boards: Max.500mm*460mm,Min: 50mm*50mm (L*W) , PCB thickness: Max.2.5mm, Min.0.6mm |

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