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  • What is important features for a multi magazine loader in the selective conformal coating line?

    Boards handling machines for selective conformal coating line

  • Vanstron PCB conveyors, linking conveyor, inspection conveyor

    Vanstron PCB conveyors, linking conveyor, inspection conveyor demonstration video. this conveyor is verified best quality in many Europe customer factory and US end users.

  • Vanstron new bare boards loader destacker

    Bare boards loader, destacker.This unit is design for loading the bare boards onto the SMT line. Unique separation cams take one PCB from the bottom of the boards stacked, and softly lowering it on the ESD belts to transfer to downstream machine.

  • PowerCleaner X460 - SMT PCB surface cleaner machine

    PowerCleanerX460 The NEW SMT Clean Machine from Vanstron has been specifically designed to remove contamination from bare boards before solder paste, adhesive application and after laser marking. The design of the machine will ensure full integration into all SMT lines, providing your process with the best contact cleaning system in the world.

  • single magazine loader & destacker combined system

    When you are thinking about to place a new SMT line, you must have the considerations about the line space, of course, the short length of space, the better for the factory investment to be reduced. Vanstron automation have a lot experience in D&R new customized solution for the boards handling machine in the SMT line.

  • SMT IN LINE SYSTEM LAY-OUT Board Handling & Automation System Equipment

    SMT IN LINE SYSTEM LAY-OUT Board Handling & Automation System Equipment

  • Are you looking for a vertical buffer after the reflow ovens?

    Are you looking for a vertical buffer after the reflow ovens?

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  • Alternative solution for 1200mm length LED tubes Loader/ unloader

    Which is the best way to allow the 1200mm length LED tubes easily to be loaded into and unloaded from the LED( SMT) process line? The difficulties to such kind of longer length (1200mm) LED tubes are not easy to find a suitable magazine for it. As we know in the SMT boards handling machines market, the magazine standard is fixed and also the maximum. common magazine size is 535x530x570mm (L*W*H) for the available maximum. PCB size 535x460mm ( L*W). It comes out that there is no standard magazine for the LED tubes ( 1200mm) lengths.

  • The reasons for the appearance of the "tin bead" of the SMT soldering surface and the preventive control method

    In the SMT soldering process, we consider that the potential reason to cause the “tin bead” of soldering point are highly possibility in the Reflow oven temperature setting, SMT Reflow soldering time, solder paste quality, solder paste printing thickness, and screen quality, as well as the mounter pressure. So finding out the root the problem of “ tin bead” and do the anticipate control to avoid the “ tin bead” in your PCB SMT process.

  • 7 Tips Regarding to the Lead Free Reflow Ovens

    With the development of the electronics industry, the lead-free technology (lead-free reflow soldering) becomes more and more popular among users. However, in the global market there are so many brands of lead free reflow oven, finally we find it’s not easy for us to make a decision on a good performance reflow oven with the affordable price. Don’t worry! Now Here 7 tips are special for you!