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Linking Conveyor/ Inspection conveyor

Linking Conveyor/ Inspection conveyor

Linking Conveyor / Inspection conveyor


This unit is used to link between SMD machines


· All metal solid design inspection conveyor

· Stainless steel lead screw width adjustment

· Inspection and bypass mode selectable.

· Ergonomically designed arm rest

· Adjustable Speed Control

· SMEMA Compatible

· Conveyor length could be customer made 1 meter, 1.2 meters etc

· CE compliance.

· 2 year parts warranty

· High quality ESD conveyor belt for longest lifetime, easy to replace.

· Special guiding mechanism installed at the entrance and exit of this unit for smoothest and stablest operation.

· Double  segment  ( Optional)

· Dual lane (Optional




L ( Dual lane)





PCB Size (mm)

80 x 50 ~ 400 x 350

80 x 50 ~ 510 x 460

80 x 50 ~ 330 x 300

in each lane