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Flash-off conveyor

Flash-off  conveyor

The Flash-off  conveyor ( UV inspection conveyor) is placed at the conformal coating process line as a inspection station to check the conformal coating quality by manual. This UV inspection conveyor is with the air exhaust interface and air pressure sensor to monitor the air flow. Most of customer require “Exhaust interface including under pressure switch” if board handling modules handle wet parts. For example, the reason could be solvent evaporation before curing and maybe after curing as well.


 UV inspection conveyor is placed at the conformal coating process line as a inspection station

  1. Modular design, PLC + Touch Screen control
  2. Stability enhanced by heavy design
  3. hardness treatment type conveyor rail with the chain belts to handle the boards with pallet 
  4. Beautiful design with aluminum finishings
  5. Smooth and parallel width adjustment (stainless steel screws)
  6. Covers which protect the boards against dust
  7. 2-segments with independent conveyor 
  8. Selectable inspection frequency setting by software 
  9. Automatic/Manual modes with inspection button
  10. Independent variable speed controls for each rail
  11. UV lights to analyze the coating result over the boards
  12. Extractable tray for easy clean-up of coating droplets
  13. Automatic width adjustment by touch screen
  14. Exhaust sensor which forces to use air extraction
  15. SMEMA compatible