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Multi Magazine Loader for conformal coating line

Multi Magazine Loader  for conformal coating line

Multi Magazine Loader  for conformal coating line 

This magazine loader is design special for the varnish line, all the machine will be with the seal cover and be equipped with the extraction for the vapors of the varnish.

Magazine Loader is designed for loading of PCBs. The unit loads your production line automatically by pushing PCB’s out of a magazine onto the conveyor of the down-stream machine. With high accuracy, automatic counting, fault alram functions, it is required for a full range of automatic equipment.

 CE certificates supported)
Control system: PLC and touch screen control ;
Touch screen with user-friendly control mode and English language;
Multi function sound and singal light alarm tower;
Width adjustable magazine conveyor
Adjustable pitch selectable: 10mm-80mm
PCB auto-counter for production throughout record.
International standard SMEMA interface;
Automatic full magazine load and empty magazine offload;
Pneumatic pusher cylinder, pressure regulated;
Top & bottom pneumatic clamps to secure magazine rack;
Pressure regulated pusher to prevent board damage;
Omron sensor control;
Magazine capacity: top one, down one magazine 
Auto/Manual run modes
PCB Component clearance: top 80mm & bottom 40mm ( or specify)
3-color light tower and audible alarm;
Lifting platform weights capability : around 100kg
Magazine changeover time: around 30s ( Optional: 15s)
Magazine size: 535*460*570mm(L*W*H) ( Or specify magazine size)
Total number of magazines:
* 1 magazine on the lifter platform.
* 1 empty magazine on the upper magazine conveyor
* 1 full magazines on the lower magazine conveyor
Dimension(L*W*H): 1400*980*1650 mm
PCB board size (L*W): Max. 535x390 mm,Min. 50mm x50mm  ( Or specify PCB size)
Conveyor direction: Left to right 
Conveyor (SMEMA)heights: 900mm+/-50mm
Power supply: Single phase 220 VAC 50Hz / 60Hz
Power consumption: 250W
Package: 1600×1130×1420mm (340 Kgs)

Other special:
1. Top extraction interface with the a safety sensor so if the extraction is not activated, give the alarm and stop the system working.
2. Equipped with cover 
3. Be equipped with the extraction for the vapors of the varnish.
4. Available to handle the PCB with fixture.
5. A door to the front for the entry and exit of racks.
6. A hole up and down (I mean in the output) for pieces of 80mm in height
7. Entry of full racks must be at the top and exit empty racks down.