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Single Magazine vertical buffer

Single Magazine vertical buffer

The single magazine buffer is designed for loading, unloading , buffering (FIFO,LIFO)of PCBs and By-pass function, total 5 working mode.  

An arriving PCB is taken up by the attached conveyor and then pushed into the magazine by a specially designed pusher. 

The magazine indexes to the next position and is ready for the following unloading cycle.

This system is with the exchangeable magazine which combine with our special design, dual pusher, 

to reach the functions of unloading and loading boards from the line.


Key features

l  PCB buffer capacity: 50 PCS

l  Working mode:

FIFO( first in first out

LIFO( last in first out

By-pass mode



l  Infeed conveyor as standard configuration

l  Conveyor width adjustment: motorized type

l  Pusher position adjustment method: Wheel crank.

l  Control method: Panasonic PLC+ touch screen control+Taiwan servo motor

l  Machine working language: English

l  Threshold signal to protect the boards in upstream reflow oven.

l  PCB transfer method: 3mm ESD Flat belt to handle PCB

l  Magazine lifting system: Precision servo motor system and servo driving system.

l  Lifting platform with PCBs weights handling capacity: above 100kg

l  Pusher type: dual pusher, one is for loading boards into the line and one is for unloading boards from line.

l  Step pitch selectable: 10mm to 80mm pitch by software setting;

l  Magazine exchangeable

l  Magazine infeeding and unloading by motorized;

l  Clamping system by the air cylinder to secure the ESD magazine

l  Magazine changeover time: 15S

l  Magazine size:  1210*960*1650 (L*W*H)

l  PCB size available: 460mm * 330mm ( L*W) as Max.


l  PCB transfer flow direction: Left to right

l  Conveyor width adjustment: motorized type

l  Conveyor fixed rail: Front rail

l  Conveyor transfer heights: 900mm+/-50mm

l  Conveyor speed: 0-10m/min adjustable

l  Conveyor rail material: aluminum with special hardness treatment for long time usage and the strong PCB holding ability;

l  Machine working state display: LED signal tower + audible alarm

l  Robust lead screw rod and guide line rod to guarantee the heavy duty loading;

l  Safety standard: CE certificates

l  Safety cover with interlock functions

l  Power: AC220V,50/60 HZ, 1 phase

l  Air Pressure: 4-5kgf/cm2

l  Machine communication: SMEMA interface