PCB Dust Cleaner Machine

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PCB Dust Cleaner Machine - PowerCleaner X350

PCB Dust Cleaner Machine - PowerCleaner X350

This unit can remove glass fiber, dust particles, etc. On the top surface of the PCB before solder paste printing, and improve the production yield, especially suitable for the PCB which is mounted extremely small components. This also can be connected after with the laser marker machine, and remove the quite small dust on the PCB surface.( Only for the bare boards).

The PCB Cleaning Conveyor clean and remove static from PCBs in SMT line for continues process.

PCBs are delivered via twin belt conveyor with variable speed adjust. The Cleaning Conveyor is standard with ESD brush, vacuum and high voltage Ionizer.


1.      Panasonic PLC programs + touch screen panel control

2.      In-line full automatic PCB dust removing by working with the adhesive cleaning rollers

3.      High voltage Ionizer to remove the electric static on the PCB

4.      Draw-out design for easy changing of adhesive rollers.

5.      The foreign matter adsorbed by the dust removal roller can be recovered by the dust removal roller to eliminate the secondary pollution to the substrate.

6.      Pre-set number of PCB & pre-warning counter to purge adhesive rolls

7.      SMEMA compatible


l   Conveyor heights: 900+/50mm

l   PCB width available: 50mm-350mm

l   PCB length: 50mm-500mm

l   PCB thickness available : 0.6mm-2mm

l   ESD Brusher : Top 1 PCS

l   Vacuum device: Top 1 PCS

l   Dust remover roller: Top 2 PCS

l   Adhesive roller: top 1

l   Conveyor direction: Left to right

l   Fixed rail: front rail

l   Conveyor rail adjustment: crank wheel

l   Conveyor rail : entrance end 100mm length and exit end 100mm length

l   Conveyor speed: 0- 9m/min ( adjustable)

l   High voltage Ionizer: entrance and exit ( top)

l   Power supply: 220V,1 P, 50/60Hz

l   Air supply: 0.5Mpa

l   Machine dimensions: 650*780*1350mm( L*W*H)